Flow from ordering to delivery

Thank you for considering your request. It is the basic flow from request to delivery.

The price of the illustration varies depending on the content, area of use, period of use, number of colors, touch, quantity, size, delivery form, etc.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail as I can respond according to your budget.



Please contact me by e-mail with the plan and contents of the desired illustration, delivery date, budget, etc., and detailed contents for the production of the illustration.



We will discuss the finished image by email, phone, or face-to-face.

* Roughs may be created at this stage.

​Create rough


You may check the image with the created rough.

You like the idea, I will start the production.

* After submitting the rough image, production costs will be incurred even if it is not completed due to customer's convenience. note that.



I will issue an invoice, so please pay by the due date.

*For projects from outside Japan, pay with PayPal.

​Completion / delivery


When the illustration is completed, I will deliver it in the desired format.

* A separate fee will be charged for corrections and changes to the illustrations after delivery.